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Frameless Glass Partitions

We do so love a frameless glass partition. They’re sleek, they’re contemporary, they’re flexible. And they also offer a great value way to transform your office space. You can create clearly defined areas but still maintain an open atmosphere by allowing visual continuity.

Uninterrupted by fixtures and supporting columns and with the minimum amount of framework, the result is a spacious finish. There’s something very satisfying about the complete visual transparency. We love the clean lines. We love the sheer amount of natural light they allow through. But, fear not, visual and acoustic privacy can be maintained – it’s all down to the specification and finishing touches you choose.

Like a modern substitute for a conventional drywall structure, frameless glass partitions can be used to divide up your space to create discrete areas that can perform different functions. This makes your space instantly more flexible and functional.

The partition is fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using an aluminium frame. The aluminium head and base tracks tend to be slimmer than traditional glass partitions. Where panels of glass need to be joined, they are butt jointed or joined with silicone or copolymer strips so there’s minimal visual disruption.

Walls can be straight, curved or angled. Glass can be clear or frosted. Full or partial manifestations can be applied. The hardware can also be customised and coloured to fit with your desired look. Doing away with frames when it comes to your glass doors helps create the maximum opening – particularly handy when space is limited. With options for sliding or swinging glass doors, you’re not limited by the configuration of your space.

And if you’re looking for something to tick the eco-friendly box, frameless glass partitions are a good bet. They will last ages with minimal maintenance. They allow lots of natural light to flow through your space, minimising the need for artificial light and potentially reducing your energy bills.

Whilst frameless glass partitions look luxurious, they do not, in fact, cost a fortune. So, they’re a really workable option for offices, hotels, shopping centres, airport terminals, railway stations, leisure centres and more. If you’re planning a project in Cambridgeshire, London, Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex, why not give our team a call? We’re happy to talk you through your options.

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