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Glass offices: the benefits

If you’re planning an office revamp or moving into a new space with the freedom to design the interior, glass offices might be on your radar.

A common feature in many modern offices, glass partitions may seem like a good idea. But if you’ve not “lived” in one before, you’ll want to be sure you’re making the right decision before getting too far down the road. We thought we’d help by sharing some of the great benefits of glass offices.

8 benefits of glass offices

  1. They look stylish – Where first impressions count, you’ll find it hard to beat the sleek, contemporary lines of a glass office. Just remember that everyone will be able to see in, so the pressure’s on to keep your desk tidy!
  2. They add organisation to an open plan office – Open plan offices can really lend themselves to collaborative working. Glass offices complement that arrangement nicely whilst giving those people who need it their own space. It helps create a sense of hierarchy without excluding managers from the rest of the team.
  3. Glass offices encourage open and honest communication – Because you can be seen, glass offices tend to create a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere which encourage your staff to trust and interact with you.
  4. They’re great for natural light – If your office is against an outside window, going for glass walls rather than solid walls allows the natural light to pass through your office and in to the rest of the building, to the benefit of everyone. Equally, if you have an interior office, glass walls allow light from the rest of the room to still reach you, so you’re not completely isolated away from the natural light. This helps give your mood a lift as well as boosting general well-being.
  5. You can still have privacy when you need it – There are likely to be times you need a bit of privacy, particularly if you manage staff. Glass offices can be built with integrated blinds that can be opened and closed with minimal fuss and no external cords. You could also consider electric privacy glass which can go from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch.
  6. Glass offices can help mask noise – When you really need to concentrate, or have a private conversation, close the door on your glass office and noise is immediately reduced. Regular double glazing does a good job, but you could also opt for special acoustic glass that will block all noise.
  7. They can be made to order – With options on glass type, door type, size, shape and even manifestation on the glass, you can fully customise your glass office. They offer great flexibility.
  8. You can save on your energy bills – The natural light benefits already outlined could potentially reduce the need for artificial light. But there may be further savings to be made thanks to the insulation properties of glass offices – you may be able to reduce your heating bills too.

The importance of getting specialist advice

The key to glass office bliss is getting it specified properly. Speaking to a specialist about your priorities will ensure you end up with an office which works for you. We can take you through all the different options and design the perfect space. We can then come and install it for you too. Get in touch for more information.