glass partitions in hospitality

Glass Partitions in Hospitality

We’ve written before about why glass partitions can be ideal for offices. But they’re also a fantastic choice for hotels, restaurants, bars and leisure centres. In fact, all across the hospitality industry, businesses are using glass partitions as a practical and great-looking way to enhance their space.

First impressions count a lot in hospitality. Glass partitions can help revolutionise a tired space into a spectacular, spacious and welcoming environment which will delight customers.

Hotel glass partitions

When guests enter a hotel, the first thing to greet them is usually the reception area. Using glass can help allow more natural light into hotel receptions, making it feel more welcoming. A glass partition can help separate the area into useful spaces without making it feel enclosed. And aesthetically, glass partitions are considered very stylish and can be used to stunning effect.

Glass can also be used in the bedrooms of contemporary hotels to create a really special space. How about using electric privacy glass as bathroom walls? Removing solid walls can help the space feel larger, but the switchable glass gives complete privacy when needed. It gives a sense of luxury and the cutting edge. And the novelty will appeal to many guests too!

Glass partitions in restaurants and bars

Depending on the dining experience you want to create, glass partitions can be key. Allowing natural light to flood the space whilst still being able to split the room into discrete areas can be really effective. With acoustic glass options and electric privacy glass, areas for private dining or quieter spaces can be easily achieved without the need to build internal walls.

The space becomes modern, airy and inclusive. Plus, you maintain the option of reconfiguring the space in the future if needed.

Leisure centre glass partitions

Leisure centres often benefit from bringing as much natural light as possible into the building, particularly when it comes to swimming pools. Using glass partitions within the building, and leading from the reception area into the rest of the facility can really help create an exciting, inclusive ambiance. It can also help staff keep an eye on visitors, making sure everyone is safe and looked after. Glass walls are also easy to keep clean making them ever-more practical.

Key considerations in the hospitality industry

Whilst the aesthetic appeal to your visitors and creating the right ambiance are key considerations, there are other things to think about when planning your glass partition.

From a practical point of view, we’ve already briefly mentioned privacy. Electric privacy glass can be a great solution. But clever use of manifestations and frosting can often be enough to ensure the right levels of privacy.

Acoustic performance is another key consideration, especially when dealing with large, open spaces. Different grades of glass offer differing levels of acoustic performance – it’s possible to block out virtually all background noise. Don’t forget the acoustic performance of the door!

Fire performance is another consideration, especially where the glass partition encloses a fire escape route. Our fire rated glass complies with the necessary building regulations.

So, if you work in the hospitality industry and are wondering how to modernise your space, look no further! If you’re in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire or into London, we’d love to come and discuss how we can help!