glass partitions

Is it easy to install glass partitions in an office?

This is a question we get fairly frequently. Most companies can appreciate the benefit of having some glass partitions or offices to help make an open space more practical. But, understandably, a complete office refit might not always be on the cards.

So, is it possible to retrofit a glass partition into an office space without causing complete destruction?

The short answer is – yes!

Whether it’s a self-contained office space you need, or a simple divider to help separate areas of the office or reduce noise, a glass partition is the ideal solution.

Simple installation, minimal disruption

For a skilled team like ours, glass partitions are usually very quick and easy to install.

Disruption for the rest of the staff is kept to an absolute minimum. There should be no need to lose any days of work. What’s more, very little mess is generated – unlike the major building work which would be needed to remodel your space using solid walls.

You can also rest easy in the knowledge that it’s perfectly possible to change the layout again as the business grows or changes. Even floor to ceiling glass partitions are completely demountable, meaning they’re easy to relocate if needed in the future.

Another advantage of glass partitions is that they don’t take up much space so you won’t lose much square footage. You’ll also retain the flow of natural light throughout the office space.

With options for fully glazed, single or double glazed and a variety of glass types from standard toughened to smoked grey toughened, glass partitions really are one of the most versatile solutions out there.

See our team in action!

To see just how easy it can be to move a glass partition, watch this time lapse video from a recent job we completed for TaxAssist in Norwich. The entire project was more involved than just moving glass partitions, but if you watch carefully, you’ll see our team take down an existing glass partition in a jiffy, and then install a new glass office within the reconfigured layout.