Switchable privacy glass

Privacy in Glass Offices

Whilst glass offices can be a great choice in terms of looking modern and glossy, and for allowing natural light to travel through a building, privacy can be a concern.

When your office has glass walls, it might feel like there’s no room to hide! Some people see this as an advantage – the benefits of an inclusive, open and transparent workspace. However, even for the most open-minded (and tidy!) people, there are likely to be times when you need a bit of privacy.

Whether you need to conduct a private meeting, have a difficult phone conversation, or need to concentrate without distraction, there are ways and means to have the best of both worlds. We’ve outlined some of your options below:

Frosted manifestations

One permanent option would be to include frosted or coloured manifestations on the glass. These can provide complete or partial privacy, without compromising on natural light.

Integrated office blinds

half height glass partitionYou could hang blinds on each wall of the office after installation. This will give you the flexibility to have full visibility, or complete privacy. But having blinds swinging around all over the place can be distracting, and they’re at risk of being damaged.

It’s better to think about this when specifying your office and opting instead for integrated blinds. These sit between the layers of glass, making them a very neat solution

Switchable privacy glass

For complete privacy on demand, electric switchable glass is the ultimate choice. This is particularly good for meeting rooms. At the flick of a switch, the glass goes from being completely transparent to frosted, or even blacked out. It’s really clever, and we won’t go into the technology here, but this is definitely the answer if you want to retain the sleek look of the glass with the flexibility of complete privacy when needed.

Some exciting news – we’ll soon be able to offer switchable film which can be applied as a manifestation on the glass, as an alternative to the glass itself being switchable! 

Don’t forget the sound!

It’s all well and good making sure people can’t see you. But if they can still hear you, you’re simply not achieving the confidentiality you’re after! In most cases, good quality double glazed glass will achieve a good level of acoustic privacy for regular conversation. However, raised voices might still be heard.

If you want to achieve 100% privacy, you may wish to consider acoustic glass for your office.

If you still have any concerns, why not get in touch with a member of our team? We’re used to specifying glass partitions and offices for a whole range of requirements. We’ll be able to find the right solution for you!