Komfort Polar 54 glass partitioning

New Slim Line Glass Partitioning: Komfort Polar 54

Komfort, our UK manufacturer, has just launched a new slim line glass partition range which we’re really excited about.

Their new Polar 54 system has a minimalist structure that is perfect for the current trend for narrow gauge glass partitions. They’re really flexible and are just the job for conserving space – ideal where square footage is limited. Plus they look really sleek and elegant! The structure is very subtle, making the glass itself the real star of the show.

Available in single or double glazed, there are a range of glass configurations making this new system suitable for any number of uses. We can’t wait to start using it!

So, if you’re planning a new glass office or partition and you’re in East Anglia, do get in touch. We’d be happy to come and take a look to see if the new Komfort Polar 54 system is the right one for you.