Glass partitions for social distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways we will all need to live and work for the foreseeable future. A degree of social distancing is likely to be a reality in all our lives for some time yet.

As more businesses are being given the green light to open up and people are being encouraged to return to work, how can we all do that safely?

Glass partitions have quickly revealed themselves to be an effective social distancing solution. They can help reduce social contact and the transmission of the virus resulting in a safe but friendly environment.

From full height partitioning and self-contained pods to desk screens and dividers, glass partitions provide a flexible, quick to install, long-term solution which can be completely customised for your workplace.

We’re excited to introduce the Komfort Protext Social Distancing Range to help inspire you with ideas about how glass can help in your workplace.

Social distancing ideas for offices

Full height partitioning can be used to help divide up large open plan and communal spaces, allowing teams to be split into smaller, safer groups. They can provide a physical barrier between people seated around a large table without inhibiting communication.

Desk screens make it safer for people to sit opposite and next to each other without making them feel isolated. Different heights, depths and configurations are available and can be completely customised to your workplace. We can even add branded manifestations to the glass to make them entirely personal.

Social distancing in office

Social distancing ideas for reception areas and waiting rooms

Visitors and staff can be kept safer even where there’s not enough space to spread people further apart. Partitions between chairs and to divide up waiting areas help provide a barrier without compromising the natural light or making the space feel unwelcoming.

Social distancing in reception area

Social distancing ideas for education

Getting children back into education is a critical step in helping the country get back to some semblance of normal, but the challenges are significant. Glass desk screens can provide some reassurance to students, teachers and parents by helping to reduce the spread of germs.

Glass partitions with doorless openings mean teachers can still communicate with the whole class whilst splitting children into smaller teams. They can also help divide communal areas into more workable spaces.

social distancing in nursery school

Social distancing ideas for hospitality

Customers can still enjoy a drink or meal whilst maintaining social distancing. Glass partitions and booth dividers help separate groups of diners. It’s easy for staff to wipe down in between sittings too.

social distancing in a restaurant

Social distancing ideas for hairdressers

Whilst close contact between customers and staff is unavoidable in a hairdressers, keeping clients at a safe distance from each other has become very important. Glass dividers between wash basins and chairs will mean you can reassure customers that you have their best interests at heart.

social distancing for hairdressers

Glass pods and moveable screens

We’ve been installing glass pods for a number of years thanks to an increased demand for more private working spaces within open plan environments. They’re good for meetings, for concentrated working, and now for assisting with social distancing. Easy to install, they are an excellent way to make your existing space more workable.

If you need a greater degree of flexibility, moveable glass screens on castors with lockable wheels could be a good option. Great for workshops where your team may need to move around, or in care homes to help with safer visits, they can also help direct foot traffic around larger shops and leisure facilities.

glass partition with frosted manifestation

How we can help

As experts in glass partitions, we’re perfectly placed to help you.

We can come and assess your workplace (following all social distancing guidelines, of course) and discuss your options. We can then provide a full quote based on an existing modular solution, or something completely bespoke if needed.

We will then take care of the complete supply and installation giving you peace of mind that you are all set up and ready to welcome staff and visitors.